ASIC Design Engineer – VLSI CAD

  • Position Type: Hardware Engineer
  • Location: Santa Monica, CA


Required Skills and Experience:

  • 5+ years of Digital & Mixed Signal front-end VLSI design on advanced nodes
  • 5+ years mixed-signal design & simulation
  • 3+ years hands-on post-fabrication validation of custom microelectronics parts
  • 5+ years of digital & mixed-signal high-speed VLSI design 
  • 5+ years experience designing with VLSI CAD tools (Cadence tool flows)
  • Expert at modeling and analysis of high speed digital & analog signaling using mathematical and circuit simulations tools
  • Expert at characterizing high speed digital and mixed-signal fabricated microelectronics using laboratory equipment
  • Expert Scripting skills with strong Linux/Unix command line computer literacy
  • Solid programming skills
  • VLSI device characterization in laboratory setting using probe station
  • Fundamentals of radiation physics for microelectronics.



  • Responsible for the design, simulation, implementation of digital and mixed-signal VLSI circuits as well as post-fabrication verification on high-speed PCB circuit boards. 
  • For this role, you must be sufficiently experienced to independently define detailed design specifications, and proficient with all stages of design, implementation and experimental validation. 
  • Must be a self-starter able to work independently and with other team members with minimal support
  • This is an opportunity to work with subject matter experts in custom tooling for novel architectures, compilers, statistical learning, microelectronics, semiconductors and radiation physics.