Compiler Developer

  • Position Type: Fulltime
  • Location: Los Angeles/Remote


Required Skills and Experience: 

  • Experience in compiler development
  • EDA tool development experience
  • Custom hardware software co-design experience
  • Adept at working within a large code base
  • Strong computer architecture background
  • Comfortable with tools for compilation and synthesis including Make and Tcl
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and communicate effectively
  • Strong software engineering skills
  • Experience with LLVM infrastructure
  • Familiarity with digital signal processing algorithms and hardware
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks
  • FPGA design and/or embedded processor development experience
  • Software engineering and digital hardware design experience, including a background of conventional software compilation techniques, as well as physical design data structures and algorithms. 


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Developing custom compiler technology and mapping tools
  • Writing infrastructure to consume computational graphs from machine learning frameworks
  • Evaluating benchmark applications to drive tool and architecture exploration
  • Developing dynamic analysis tools to assess mapping quality and drive application refinement
  • Focus on compiler and EDA tool development and contribute to benchmark application assessment. 
  • Participation in hardware design targeting ASIC implementation, verification, and evaluation of a complete toolchain and architecture will also play a significant role. 
  • Engagement on this broad range of topics is critical to developing state of the art compilation tools for our target architecture.
  • A compiler developer at Lucid Circuit will leverage existing tools and frameworks such as LLVM and TVM to develop cutting edge transformation and mapping algorithms