Mixed Signal Layout Engineer

  • Position Type: Contract / Fulltime
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA

Required Skills and Experience in:
Front-end & back-end flows on large complex VLSI circuit designs and IP in state of the art semiconductor processes.
Digital and Analog layout on advanced nodes (FinFET – sub 20nm).
Physical design expertise including Floorplanning, Synthesis, Place and Route, Clock Trees,
Physical design experience – gates to GDSII.
Power Grid, IP Integration, Memory Compilers, IO planning, etc
Proven full-flow tapeout experience from RTL to GDSII to tapeout
Analog layout for high-speed circuits
Placement-driven synthesis
Timing analysis, closure, and sign-off
Power and Performance estimation, analysis and optimization
DFT implementation
DRC/LVS sign-off
Packaging expertise
Logic and RTL design, digital and analog simulation, test and debug