RTL Design Engineer (High Speed IO Controller )

  • Position Type: Design Engineer
  • Location: San Francisco

Required Skills and Experience

Strong fundamentals in digital ASIC design; experience using Verilog or VHDL

  • Experience with ASIC design/micro-architecture, synthesis, timing/power analysis
  • Experience in micro-architecture and/or design of the controller for at least one of the high-speed SerDes interfaces like PCIe, Ethernet, Die2Die, etc.
  • Practical experience with the implementation of the transaction layer, data link layer, and/or the logical physical layer including PCS
  • Expertise in implementation of ordering, buffering and flow control logic
  • Strong understanding of link management and training requirements including power state management
  • Expertise in implementation of RAS features like FEC, CRC and replay features
  • Experience implementing controllers for a multi-protocol PHY is a plus
  • Strong understanding of PIPE interface requirements is highly desired
  • Strong understanding of IO performance issues from the protocol level to the application level
  • Familiarity with high performance and low power design techniques
  • Some experience in design verification and/or physical design is a plus


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with Fabric designers and SerDes PHY designers to define optimal interfaces
  • Develop the micro-architecture and write design specifications for a high-speed IO controller factoring in the SoC architecture requirements
  • Work with chip architects to conceive of the micro-architecture and deliver RTL design for the IO controllers interfacing with high-speed SerDes PHYs
  • Convert design spec to Verilog RTL
  • Help with architecture/product definition of the SOC through early involvement in the product life-cycle.
  • Support the verification team to devise appropriate test plans and verification strategy
  • Collaborate with the physical design team to close timing, area targets, reliability, etc