We partner with our clients in keeping their projects on schedule by supplementing their teams, providing them with our most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the field. For over 15 years, we have aided clients across defense, aerospace, consumer electronics and advanced research from small firms to Fortune 100 companies.

We connect our vetted and proven veteran candidates with exciting and challenging positions all across the United States – whether that be for short term contract and permanent positions in hardware design and verification, software, firmware development, and a wide host of other in demand opportunities. Our HR team has 7 years of experience searching for candidates in chip design and software.

We hold technical interviews for all our candidates by our team of experts. We hold technical interviews for all our clients by a team of experts.

Our founder, Nasir Junejo has worked for 18 years at Cadence Design Systems, in various design and verification groups. He has held senior management and consultancy positions throughout his tenured career.

We connect with experienced and highly skilled engineers in the hardware and software realms. The process for vetting the candidates ensures that the client receives the best skilled candidate possible for their requirements. Our screening process:

  • We require the candidate to fill out an in depth technical questionnaire
  • We conduct a phone screening with the candidate
  • We hold a technical interview with our senior engineers
  • Submit to client